5 tips for providing excellent Dynamics NAV support

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As a Microsoft Gold ERP Partner specialising in Dynamics business management solutions, it’s paramount that we provide an excellent, personalised support service to our SMB customers.

Here are 5 simple tips to a happy customer:

1. Listen to the request or problem
As a Dynamics NAV partner, you might have one or many customers to support. And with each implementation being different from the other it may sometimes be confusing to support numerous different customers.  However, by carefully listening and understanding what the request is, will help to ease any confusion. It definitely helps the developer and/or consultant to provide a solution if he knows exactly what the requirements are.

2. Treat customers with dignity and respect
The old saying, “The customer is always right”, still plays a role in our world today. Customers should be treated with dignity and respect even if they are wrong. Yes, sometimes the customer can be wrong but the customer always deserves an explanation in a graceful manner. Sometimes a request is hard to understand but with good listening and by repeating back the request or issue to the customer, a solution should be easy to be reached.

3. Manage expectations
Every request or issue reported by the customers is important to them. Otherwise they wouldn’t have spent the time calling or sending an email. However, every request can’t always be actioned immediately. Even if everybody is tied up, a request can still be analysed and prioritised. Good communication is the key and importantly, it is best to inform the customers frequently about the status of their request. If there is no update, then a “no update” is still an update.

4. Speak simply
Make sure the customer understands what you are saying. Be patient and take the time to explain what you are doing in words they will understand. For example, Dynamics NAV users in general do not understand C/AL codes so I suggest keeping it simple, stay away from jargon to keep the communication flowing.

5. Take the extra step
Sometimes customers request things they can do by themselves. Take this opportunity to demonstrate that the task could easily be completed by themselves by equipping them with some easy to follow guidelines. Be creative, use screenshots for visual aid and play with fonts and colours if you prefer. By going the extra mile they know they can still rely on your help but by offering the knowledge of how to attempt the problem solo, means they might try the same task by themselves next time. Just keep in mind that you want to help – not to confuse.

This post was written by Jeff Angulo, Microsoft Dynamics NAV Developer/Consultant at EBS.


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