Microsoft Social Listening in Microsoft Dynamics NAV 2015

MS Social Listening




A recent update of Microsoft Dynamics NAV 2015 (Cumulative Update 3), means you can now have integration with Microsoft Social Listening (MSL).

Microsoft Social Listening helps you harness the power of the social web by analysing what people are saying on social media. You can spot trends about how people are feeling about your products or brand and then shape your messaging and sales conversations more effectively.

Microsoft Social Listening puts powerful social tools in the hands of your sales, marketing, and service teams helping them to connect on social media with your customers, prospects, and partners, right within Microsoft Dynamics or with a stand-alone app.

If someone is talking about one of your products on Facebook, Twitter, or Blogs then you will know about it!  You can monitor and chart this information to capture real-time campaign success.

Watch a short video overview to find out more about Microsoft Social Listening:

In Microsoft Dynamics NAV, you can link Items, Customers, and Vendors directly to social listening feeds to monitor social media sentiments. You can see the social analytics in the fact box for an Item. You can see what the public thinks of an Item directly from within NAV!

See the video below for information on how to set it up.

How Do I: Configure and Use Microsoft Social Listening in Microsoft Dynamics NAV 2015

Key features of Microsoft Social Listening:

Social analytics: The robust social analytics of Microsoft Social Listening provide you with easy-to-read charts and graphs, including volume history, share of voice across channels, top languages, and maps that show where posts originate. Use advanced filtering to view social data by source, sentiment, location, and more.

Social CRM: You can add social data in Microsoft Dynamics CRM or Microsoft Dynamics Marketing—on dashboards or on any forms, like Accounts or Campaigns. Help your front-line sales, marketing, and service teams deliver amazing customer experiences. Social Listening doesn’t have to be limited to a few individuals.

Listening and analytics: Gain a true understanding of your customers, business, and topics that matter to you.

Global sentiment analysis: Track conversations in up to 19 languages and sentiment natively in five languages.

Share of voice: See who’s winning. Understand which topics drive the most engagement.

Trend alerts:  Gain early insight on issues and stay on top of the topics that matter the most to you.

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By Daniel Argus, Senior ERP Consultant at EBS


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