9 Dec


EBS in The Australian

Last week EBS and customer Greencap featured in The Australian newspaper. Risk management and compliance company Greencap was using a mishmash of financial systems but wanted to gain a complete view of its multinational operations. They required a web based solution Read More

3 Feb


Understanding the new flexible Cloud options from Microsoft and EBS

I wanted to reflect on how things are changing in ‘our’ world, of course when I say our world I mean the ERP world, Evolution Business Systems has been in this business for over 12 years and over these years we have seen changes. To be fair, the changes we acknowledged towards the beginning were at a much slower pace than that of todays environment. Although at the time they may have seemed very progressive on reflection they were a little dull in comparison to what is happening today. But then we (computer application people) have been known to get excited about things that most people find dull anyway.

9 Oct


Arrow Search Tips

Within Arrow Financial Software there are a variety of different methods to search for codes and data during data entry. Once you are familiar with the various searching techniques, considerable time can be saved when trying to locate codes or data.

2 Oct


Microsoft Dynamics Anywhere NAV – mobility for your business!

All Microsoft Dynamics NAV functions can be easily made available on any mobile device that has a web browser (iPhone, Android, Windows Mobile etc). This fully integrated model via web services means that the business logic of Microsoft Dynamics NAV is carried through seamlessly from the back end system to the DAW (mobile solution).

What this means is that the mobile device and applications used in the field use the business rules and logic from the back end Microsoft Dynamics NAV ERP system. You can be assured that validations; security; client codes and terms etc flow through from your back end systems.

12 Jun


ERP On-Premises or in the Cloud?

The ERP space has seen a lot of change over the years. One of the more impactful changes is in the way people work on a daily basis. Right now, one billion people are working in some kind of mobile Read More

23 May


3 Important Messages from the ATO that Your Business Should Know

I often come across businesses that are too busy to keep informed of the latest updates and bulletins from the Australian Tax Office. Not keeping up to date and informed on these issues can have a major impact on your business.
If you are a business owner, I suggest that you make regular visits to the ATO website, www.ato.gov.au/backtobusiness to ensure that you are up to date with the latest announcements and legislation changes from the ATO.
Below I outline 3 recent important updates on the ATO website that you may have missed.

24 Apr


10 Sure Signs Your Accounting System is Holding Your Business Back

Most companies start out with accounting software designed specifically for small businesses. But as businesses grow and become more complex, entry-level accounting systems and ad-hoc processes can become a deterrent to growth and profitability. Change isn’t easy, and it’s common Read More