16 Apr


Understanding Microsoft Dynamics NAV Account Schedules

Account Schedules within Microsoft Dynamics NAV are used to allow for the analysis of your Chart of Accounts by Dimension, in the previous blog post we discussed how Dimensions can be used for recording information relevant to the business with transactions, Account schedules now allow us to access and report on this information within the GL

Future Blogs will cover the other areas of the system relating to dimensions (Customers/Items/Vendors…etc) but in this post we will be focusing on the GL Account Schedules

27 Mar


Understanding Microsoft Dynamics NAV Dimensions

The simplest explanation of Dimensions within Microsoft Dynamics NAV would be to call them the slice and dice ability within NAV. Dimensions are what allow you to report on the data within the system, in a way that is meaningful Read More

13 Mar


Cloud ERP: The Corporate Computing Solutions of the Future

Enterprise resource planning (ERP) represents one of the major challenges in the computing field. These real-time systems integrate all aspects of business planning and organization into one cohesive package that allows IT managers to automate many functions of the corporate data process. ERP software packages and platforms are often deployed locally in order to manage local processes, but can also be migrated to cloud computing service providers in order to achieve greater flexibility, reduced IT time and effort and improved maintenance for the entire automated system.

5 Jun


RoleTailored Client, Greater simplicity for greater productivity

Microsoft Dynamics NAV 2009’s RoleTailored hides the 90 precent of the features you don’t need to see. It promotes the actions and information that you do need, leaving you with an uncluttered window and an overview of upcoming tasks helping you prioritize your tasks, and keeping your work productive.