7 Nov


10 Advanced Features To Make Payroll Easy

Hands up if you’ve experience the headache of payroll? With a myriad of complexities, tax implications and ensure that you have correctly classified workers as employees or contractors under their correct award. It can be a nightmare without the right Read More

23 Oct


Getting to know Udarie

All-time favourite TV Show? OC Are you an early bird or night owl?Night Owl What’s your standard Pizza order? / favourite pizza topping?Pepperoni cheese with jalapenos Last music concert you attended? Ed Sheeran Do you have a favourite quote or saying? Read More

21 Oct


What’s new in Business Central?

EBS have returned from the annual Directions EMEA conference held in Vienna, Austria. The conference had over 2,400 attendees from more than 45 countries. The key topic of the conference is the new October ‘19 release of Dynamics 365 Business Read More

5 Sep


EBS Launches its EPIC Values

For the past 7 years, EBS has lived and breathed into its values of RESPECT: an acronym for the values held in our organisation.   Many of our clients would be aware of these values as we as a team have Read More

3 Sep


Getting to know Arnel

All-time favourite TV Show? NBA Games Are you an early bird or night owl? Night Owl What’s your standard Pizza order? / favourite pizza topping? Hawaiian – green pepper and pineapple. Last music concert you attended? Boyce Avenue Cats or dogs? Dogs Do you Read More

22 Aug


Warehouse Scanning 101: Barcode Basics

When working with inventory management in warehouses or retail stores you will become acquainted with barcodes.  But what is a barcode exactly and what lies behind the lines, numbers and pixels? To answer these questions, we have gathered the most Read More