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Why we do what we do ← Evolution Business Systems

Why we do what we do

ERP implementation projects are undertaken for any number of reasons. These reasons will often differ from one person/client to another and vary on a case by case basis.

Some common reasons for such change would be if:

  • You have out-dated software that is not keeping up with your daily/monthly requirements.
  • Your accounting system is limited in its reporting and analytical capabilities.
  • Your system is unable to give you real-time reporting
  • Your accounting system unable to handle a high volume of transactions and provide date driven reporting
  • The stability and reliability of your systems are no longer cutting it. Crashes, data corruption and downtime cause disruption to staff.

It’s important that both sides of a project team (client and supplier) keep clear sight of the reasons for embarking on a new project. At EBS, we remain focused on the client’s goals. We begin every project with an in depth discussion with our clients about the results that they hope to achieve. This works well for both groups because the client gets to outline their project needs and the project team members are consequently able to get a clear understanding of what needs to be delivered to ensure a successful implementation. It also provides a tangible measure of what would ensure a successful project and a system that will meet business needs for years to come.

We refer to these points as Conditions of Satisfaction.

EBS Conditions of Satisfaction, along with a tangible measure for success, are outlined and defined in client meetings and agreed upon by project stakeholders at the beginning of a project. They are continually monitored throughout a project’s lifecycle.

At the end of each project, EBS conducts a formal project review with all stakeholders.  At this review, the original Conditions of Satisfaction are revisited and measured against the project results. EBS is able to provide measures of how much time/cost/pain will be saved as a result of the newly implemented system.

This serves the purpose of providing tangible figures that highlight project efficiencies as well as time and cost savings. The increased transparency in this process aids timely decision making in the management of the project: A return on investment that will continue to return well into the future.

By Adam Granato, Project Manager/Consultant at Evolution Business Systems


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Evolution Business Systems (EBS) specialises in business management solutions that give you the freedom to focus on your business. Melbourne based EBS does this by automating your core business processes and integrating your specialist business applications to deliver the right financial management solution. With deep expertise in leading financial applications including Arrow Financials and Microsoft Dynamics™ NAV, EBS works beside clients to ensure their software solves problems rather than creating more. EBS has a detailed implementation strategy that is tailored to customers in terms of timelines, requirements, risks and responsibilities as well as project variations and external requirements. While it does not sell or support hardware or site network environments, EBS informally partners with selected specialists in these areas to provide clients with a “total solution”.’

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