4 Useful Tips for Tencia 2013.4

The following are some useful tips for use in Tencia that you may not know about. Read my four tips below:

1. Scheduled Report Inbox

Tired of running the end of month reports individually?

Did you know any report can be set as a scheduled report to run at a scheduled time or on demand?

You can setup each of the month end reports, such as transaction lists and trial balances, to run at the start of a new month. These can be completed and ready in your inbox, for example, on the first day of the month, if you wish.

To set this up, all you need to do is make your selections for a particular report. Instead of printing the report to your inbox, choose the “Save as a report template” option at the bottom, where you can specify a frequency. This will then save the report to your Report Template Inbox.

dan 5-5 pic 1







The reports do not even need to be set to run at a scheduled time. Month end can always vary so just having the reports sitting in your template inbox means you can highlight them and choose ‘Submit Report’ on demand.

dan 5-5 pic 2

2. Changing the size of the Icons

Did you know you can customise the toolbar in Tencia?

When you choose ‘Customise’, under ‘Options’ you can select to use ‘Large Icons on Toolbars’.

This gives nice, clear icons that are much easier to find when scrambling around for the right inbox!

dan 5-5 pic 3 dan 5-5 pic 4

















From the default small icons:

dan 5-5 pic 5




To large icons:

dan 5-5 pic 6





The same large icons can be set for the Inquiry screens:

dan 5-5 pic 7





3. Customize the Keyboard

You can also assign keyboard shortcuts to various commands in Tencia, you can change the defaults, or make up your own. For example, in the below screenshot I have made the Add to Favourites command have a shortcut of Ctrl+Shift+F

dan 5-5 pic 8













4. User Defaults

Sick of entering the same data?

If you always select same bank account on a payment, set it as a default!

Right-Click on the bank account code field, and choose ‘User Defaults’.

Under default value, type in the bank account to use. You can save it as a default for all users, or specify your own user code.

dan 5-5 pic 9












User defaults is very powerful and can be used to hide fields for security reasons (such as costs) or to help speed up data entry by removing unnecessary fields.  Play around with these customising options to find a layout the suits you needs.

By Daniel Argus, Senior ERP Consultant at EBS. For more information on Tencia 2013.4 contact Daniel Argus on 1300 303 973 or email info@ebsys.com.au


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