General journal templates, batches and lines in Dynamics NAV

Journal templates in Dynamics NAV allow you to work in a journal window that is designed for a specific purpose. Different journal templates have an individual page with specific functions and fields that are required to support those functions.

NAV general journal contains three layers of the entry as illustrated below.
– General journal templates
– General journal batches
– General journal lines

General journal templates
Journals template are used for different processes or group of entries, for example general, payment, sales, purchases and receivable. Individual journal process is set up with its own journal template. This provides the basic journal structure where users can specify default information for all batches created using the template

General journal batches
Journal batches are created based on journal templates. All journal batches created from a specific template have the same structure, default settings, and information defined in the template. Generally, batches are used to separate one user entries from another. For example, User A, User B and Uer C all work on general journal entries. Normally, User A will enter entries and post end of the month. To keep other user entries not mixed with User A’s entries, create a separate batch and assigned to an individual user. In this scenario, create batches ‘User B’ and ‘User C’ and assign to respective user.

General journal lines
Journal lines are used to keep transactions that you want to post as a journal. Once the journal is posted, transactions from journal lines will be deleted and transferred to ledger entries.

There are a few types of standard general journal templates set up in the menu and located below in the application area.

Different journal templates for different processes

Apart from general journal, other journals such as item transfer journals, physical inventory journals, resource journals and FA journals which do not create entries on general ledger accounts. However, it does create other kinds of ledger entries.


Katrine Ng

Katrine Ng

Solution Specialist

This post was written by Katrine Ng, Solution Specialist at Evolution Business Systems.


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