26 Jun


The importance of ‘Communication’ at EBS

At Evolution Business Systems (EBS) we have our core values: RESPECT. Every letter represents our 7 core values. In this blog I’ll be focusing on the 6th Value ‘C’ which represents COMMUNICATION and my experience with EBS. I joined EBS Read More

1 Jun


The Run Melbourne Countdown

So, the Run Melbourne countdown is on, at the time of writing this there is a little over 8 weeks to go. For dramatic effect, I will place this big clock countdown timer here and you can watch it tick away: Read More

17 May


Getting to know Caroline

1. All-time favourite TV Show? Seinfeld 2. Are you an early bird or night owl? Early bird, always catching the worm 3. What’s your standard Pizza order/favourite pizza topping? Mexicana with extra jalapenos 4. Last music concert you attended? Jose Feliciano 5. Do Read More

3 May


Getting to know Rishi

1. All-time favourite TV Show? FRIENDS 2. Are you an early bird or night owl? Early Eagle 3. What’s your standard Pizza order? / favourite pizza topping? Pepperoni 4. Last music concert you attended? Local in year 2000 5. Do you have a favourite Read More

4 Apr


EBS Run Melbourne for beyondblue 

It’s that time again when Jono hits the pavement in preparation for his third year participating in Run Melbourne. This year Jono’s supporting a cause very close to his and the EBS teams’ heart, running and fundraising for our client Read More

23 Mar


Directions Asia 2018 – Bangkok Thailand

Last week we traveled to Bangkok to attend the Directions Asia 2018 Microsoft Dynamics NAV conference. This was the second year the Asia event was held and with that saw an impressive increase in attendees, both in numbers and partners Read More