New Job Costing for Tencia out now!

The new Tencia Job Costing module for Tencia allows you to effectively measure costs against a project and provides you with up to the minute information on the profitability of your projects.

Tencia Job Costing is a major improvement from the current Visual Arrow product.  Job Costing will be integrated with the Bill of Materials module where a job can be linked to the production/manufacturing of a stock item.  A production order can be generated direct from a job, tracking all costs and updating the stock balance.  You can also load a Bill of Materials into a job estimate. I know many clients would benefit from this new integration.

Another key improvement is the ability to create a job invoice directly from a job estimate via Hot Print. There is also a staff labour charge/cost matrix with multiple combinations available based on Job, Staff and Customer. You can now have up to 6 charge rates per staff member.

The Cost Centre tab in Job Maintenance is another great addition.  It allows you to limit the cost centres that are valid for a particular job which is an excellent way to minimise data entry issues.  There is also a Payment tab in Job Maintenance to record progress payment schedules, either by a payment % or a set value.

Feature highlights of the new Job Costing module are:

  • Caters for quick jobs, such as do-and-charge service jobs.
  • A job debtor invoice can be generated via hot print from the job estimate, with associated costs automatically allocated against the job as part of the same process.
  • Extensive staff labour charge and cost matrix available, which includes job code, staff code and activity code for selected customer codes and customer types.
  • Payments tab included in Job Maintenance to record progress payment schedules.
  • Cost Centre tab included in Job Maintenance to allow validation of cost centres for job transaction posting.
  • Ability to load a Bill of Materials into a job estimate.
  • New system parameter to restrict the posting of transactions to jobs with a hold or completed status.
  • A job can be linked to the productionmanufacture of a specific stock code and, once finalised, a completed stock receipt is entered to record the stock movement.

View a pdf of the latest features here.

By Daniel Argus, Senior ERP Consultant at EBS

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