New Features in Tencia 2013.4

Since the Q4 2013 release of the Tencia Jobs module, some other useful enhancements have been included in Tencia 2013.4

New Advanced Sales Inquiry

In the latest version of Tencia 2013.4 there are two new sales inquiries based on debtors and stock sales. You can view 12 months of debtor sales, which can be filtered by stock category and stock location. It can show totals on value and quantity with the ability to compare years. The system will also give you a ranking for top debtor sales.

The example below illustrates how you can rank and compare debtors from the last two years to see which customers are increasing their spend.

dan 14-3 pic 1















Document Emailing

Now, anytime you hot print a document, you can enter an email address on the fly, rather than making changes to the default masterfile email address.

Normally when you email an invoice, it uses the email address you have setup against the customer. Now you have the flexibility of changing this to any email address you like, (such as your own) without the need to change the default email setup on the customer card. So for example, you can send an invoice/quote to your own email first, (as a PDF attachment), where you can then easily forward it to a customer with your own personalised message.

dan 14-3 pic 2










Report/Process Inbox

There is now an option which can default the action of double clicking on a report in your  inbox.  You can now set a default to open the report in a new tab, instead of opening the report in a new window.

dan 14-3 pic 3












In the process editor, there are now buttons to easily select and de-select all records, without the need to manually tick each line. There is also a print button to easily print a report of the selections.

For example, when running a creditor payment run, you can choose the ‘Deselect All’, then tick only the invoices you wish to make payment on.


dan 14-3 pic 4


By Daniel Argus, Senior ERP Consultant at EBS

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